Intel Education Solutions

Intel Education solutions have also a very spectacular exhibition. Intel Education solutions is considered a model for success in education transformation. It relies on a systematic approach to education transformation that is based on educational research and supports best practices for achieving student success. The model includes the following key pieces:
•    Visionary leadership team
•    Policy to encourage 21st Century Clearing
•    Professional development for educators
•    Curriculum standards, content, and assessment
•    Information and communication technology
•    Sustainable resourcing for long-term success
•    Research and evaluation to guide improvement

According to Intel, advancements in technology are opening up entirely new opportunities for improving learning and teaching around the world. Exciting developments in interactive content, technology platforms, services, and instructional approaches are transforming education, enabling greater student access and achievement.

Intel, being a leading innovator with vast experience in delivering successful education solutions, provides the critical foundation able to help educators, governments, and communities benefit from the unprecedented potential of technology, both today and in the future.

Intel’s open architecture, broad ecosystem, pioneering products, and deep expertise in subjects ranging from professional development for educators to cloud computing uniquely  position Intel as a powerful ally in advancing  student success and developing innovation economies around the world.

Intel has developed the Intel Education Classmate PC, with convertible that includes Intel Education Software, a comprehensive suite of applications designed for today’s educational objectives. This helps students to develop 21st Century skills through exploration, interpretation, and collaboration. It enables teachers to facilitate learning and efficiently manage the classrooms. It also provides administrators tools to protect students and manage technology, while reducing their total cost of ownership.

In addition to the student and teacher applications in the suite, Intel Education Resources also has digital learning objects, math and science videos, English language learning resources , and a collection of digital  literacy resources  from Intel Education. Intel Education Resources also provides teachers with professional development courses.