Lessons learned from the ground

In order to give participants a broad perspective, the Forum will present a wide range of experiences from Africa and other regions of the world, including Argentina, Côte d’Ivoire, Finland, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Niger, Senegal and Uganda.

The country experiences will illustrate lessons learned from the ICT integration of policies and practices and will cover a variety of topics addressed by the Forum : lessons drawn from countries that have reached different phases of ICT integration in education and training; the formulation, financing, implementation and monitoring of ICT policies; ICT as a contributor to teachers’ professional development and improvement in teaching practices; the development and sharing of digital content; the deployment of ICT hardware and connectivity issues; challenges in scaling up ICT integration practices; learning opportunities via cell phones; the use of ICT to expand learning opportunities for marginalized population groups; and public-private partnerships for ICT in education.


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