Ressources and actors

World Bank (2007): Study of ICT and education in Africa

This 2007 study, based on country studies conducted by the World Bank in 53 countries, offers a snapshot of the use of ICT in Africa’s education sector...

Transforming Education: The Power of ICT Policies (UNESCO, 2011)

In 2011, UNESCO published the results of its program of research, consultation and dialogue on policies regarding ICT in education...

Pedagogical Use of ICT in Africa: Teaching and Reflecting Strategies (IRCD, 2009)

Published nearly 40 years after the inception of the Internet, this multi-authored, bilingual book aims, through the observations made and the conclusions drawn from them, to identify ways of ensuring that ICT (computers, multimedia, audiovisual, telecommunications, etc.) is no longer perceived as a subject to be taught but rather as a tool with unique potential for transforming African education systems and the quality of curricula and teaching practices.

Knowledge on ICT Integration

The theme of ICTs in relation to education and training has been explored and taken up by a number of publications produced by different organizations.The organizers of the Forum have identified a number of documents, reports and surveys that are useful for getting a grasp of the issues at hand in Africa.

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