Day 1


  • Official Opening
  • Keynote: Exploring the future of the world of work to inform skills policy


  • Presentation of AUC: Continental Frameworks (CESA 16-25, TVET and STISA 2024)
  • Presentation of NEPAD: African Skills Portal for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship (ASPYEE)

Technical Session 1: The future of skills and jobs


Technical Session 2: African Youth, digital competencies and creative media: “from skills to market” - New approaches for youth empowerment through digital skills and entrepreneurship: addressing the skills gap and fostering inclusive growth



Day 2


Technical Session 3: Empowering young women and girls through digital skills


Technical Session 4: Conventional and emerging technologies (Virtual Realities, Open Educational Resources, Gamification, Robotics, Open Badges, etc.) – Trends in skilling youth for new and future jobs


High Level Round Table: Digital secondary education, 21st century skills and readiness for the world of work


Technical Session 5: Life skills and citizenship education, reimagining the learning agenda to ensure successful transition from learning to the world of work


Technical Session 6: Adapting and developing agility through a comprehensive national digital skills for enhanced employability, productivity and innovation capacity


Ministerial Round Table & Official Closing: Ministerial feedback on how to create enabling environments to support the translation of policies into results and promote skills development in line with development policies





Partenaires stratégiques