Tarek Chehidi

Tarek holds a Ph.D. in comparative area studies from Jochi Daigaku (Tokyo). His initial research focused on modernization and the role of leading intellectuals in transforming communities and societies. He joined the Ministry of Education of Tunisia in 2002 as Advisor to the Minister. Starting 2007, Tarek led the Ministry’s general review of the ICT strategies and programmes and the team in charge of developing and implementing the new ICT strategy (2009-2014) and the 23 national ICT in education programmes, re-organized the ministry’s departments in charge of the integration of new technologies, and led the efforts to establish Tunisia’s National Educational Technology Center.

In 2011, Tarek joined ADEA, where he led the efforts to establish the continental ICT in education Task Force. Tarek Chehidi coordinated ICT in education-related analytical work, including studies for ADEA and leading international organizations. He founded and led the organization of the “African Ministerial Forum on ICT integration in education and training” http://www.africaictedu.org, the leading continental high level policy dialogue platform on ICT in Education and Training.

In 2015, Tarek joined GESCI as senior programme development specialist. He led the organization’s expansion into francophone Africa and North Africa, the development of the “Leadership Network for Sustainable Development” http://www.leadership4sd.org and coordinated the development of GESCI’s new strategy. He was member of the team of experts that drafted the African Union’s Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-25). He is the lead coordinator of the AUC’s CESA ICT in Education Cluster.

High level Panel: Ministerial feedback on how to create enabling environments to support skills development and boost the creation of new businesses

Day 3 – 19 April 2018, 16:30 – 17:30





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