Wissem Bellagha

Wissem Bellegha is founder of SKILL’Z since 2016, a coding academy teaching kids between 6 and 15, 21 century skills.

She earned a bachelor degree in “management information system” in 2005 from ESC Tunis, and a master degree in “computer science” from ISG Tunis in 2008.

Experienced in university teaching and professional training and mother of two daughters, she noticed her elder one was a digital native and has lots of experience interacting with new technologies, but was unable to create with it. So she had the idea to teach her computer programming concepts. She began to learn about methods and tools to teach kids coding and earned a certificate from the London University on coursera.org : “ICT in primary education :transforming children’s learning across the curriculum”.

The idea became a real project which offers today, coding, robotic and electronic workshops for kids, introducing them future skills and essential learning. In december 2017, she earned the third price of Social Innovation in a competition launched by Fondation UTICA Tunisie. In january 2018, she participated in PEACEapp as scratch trainer, a program launched by UNAOC which aims to teach coding to a group of immigrant and refugees.

Today it’s not anymore “read, write and count”, rather : “read, write, count and code!”

Technical Session 1: The future of skills and jobs
Day 2 – 18 April 2018, 11:30 – 12:45





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